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We Make it Easy!- A delusional motto Cast: Mike- Super intendent of Construction for William Ryan Keith- Realtor preferred by William Ryan Lisa/Tiffany- Sales Representatives for William Ryan Ernie/ Ben- Warranty contacts for William Ryan Dawn- Secretary for William Ryan Build Process: I cannot begin to describe the level of unprofessionalism we have experienced in the process of building our home. The issues with Golf Ridge have started before we even signed paperwork.

When we began the process of purchasing a new build, we met with Laura several times. Our questions were answered, she took her time with us, it was perfect. When we came back a few weeks later, we were met with Lisa, who stated that Laura was on vacation. When we expressed concern about signing with her, she then told us that Laura was no longer with the company.

This begins our purchase process with a lie. We went to sign paperwork with her the next day via an appointment, but were ignored for nearly 45 minutes. It was only after we left that she expressed "concern" about our purchase process. When we were signing documents, she could not produce the disclosures for the sub, the ones that explicitly state SIGN NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THESE.

Lisa pressured us and pushed, making us uncomfortable, but our love for the home and the neighborhood outweighed her lack of tact. We were explicit with Lisa about our expectations for the house, however she did not properly document or communicate these with the build team. In August, we went by the home to check the progress and we were devastated. The third pole on the back patio is blocking our gorgeous mountain views.

When we were working with Lisa, we told her we wanted our back patio to be just like the model house- the second door and the extended patio, without the middle pole. It is not centered in our window and it destroys the view we paid $10,000 for. When looking at the option list for the Jacobs, there is also no option to remove it, so we don’t understand the point in having it. Even on our plans for the pool, there is no middle pole, which disrupts the open plan we are creating.

Lisa assured us the pole was optional and would not be there. The front of the house is also not as expected. When looking at the floor plan, there is an extended patio. This patio is also there on the Mission elevation, the standard elevation for the house.

When we picked the front, we specifically asked Lisa if the front was 3 dimensional and if the patio was there like on the plans. We were assured it would be there. We were expecting it to look like lot 38, however our front is stunted. I don’t understand why we paid 1500 dollars for an upgraded elevation and we lost the front porch that is included on the Mission elevation.

In looking at the images on the website, which simply states “Spanish Colonial” as Lisa showed us, there is still a front patio. Mike made contact to discuss the issues and because he was unable to fix the elevation of the front of the home, he offered to remove the 3rd pole from the back patio. To make matters worse, there was no plumbing in the floor for our laundry room. The "multiple checks and inspections" that are supposed to occur before the slab was poured was obviously not done with fidelity.

We found the deficiency in the plumbing and had to point it out. Our post-tension slab, which we also had to sign a document stating that we knew of its structural components, had to be mangled to fix an issue that should have been caught. Mike, the superintendent, made plans with Joe to fix the back patio and explain the process of fixing the plumbing. He did a wonderful job removing the 3rd pole and you can barely tell it was ever there.

At that point, however, our trust with the workmanship of William Ryan was beginning to wane, as the drywall was going in prior to our Pre-Drywall Orientation. When scheduling the Pre-Drywall Orientation, Tiffany, the new Sales Representative became extremely disrespectful, demanding that we take time off of work with less than 24 hours notice to meet with Mike. We do not work in an industry that affords us that level of flexibility and we take pride in what we do, so we were shocked at the request to "accommodate" the schedules of construction. Tiffany has never apologized for the disrespectful tone of this email and she has been cold and passive-aggressive when we went by the office.

As a high school teacher, I do not tolerate that disrespect and entitlement from my students, and I will never accept that behavior as the customer of a very expensive home. As a District Manager with over 150 customers, my husband would never treat them with the disrespect and demanding attitude that we received. When we were unable to make our pre-drywall appointment for Friday, October 7th, we went by the house that Saturday and were shocked to see that almost two-thirds of the house was already drywalled. At this point, our faith in William Ryan's claim that "We make it easy!" was gone and we began to question the quality of home we were purchasing.

We asked to have an inspector who specializes in current construction homes and businesses come out and do an inspection. We were flat out denied and met at the home to prevent the inspection. It seems convenient that we were never given expectations for an inspector, nor were we offered a list of pre-qualified inspectors to choose from. The insurance level that you required was nearly four times the state minimum for inspectors and met criteria for subcontractors doing work on the home.

Our inspector has worked with multi-million dollar homes for over two decades and has never been met with such resistance and ridiculous standards. This brings us to December 14th, 2016, the day we signed documents to purchase our new home and the day we wired money for the downpayment and closing costs. It seemed suspicious that we received the email from Dawn stating that our home would be incomplete at time of move in 30 minutes after the wire transfer was completed. When I spoke with Dawn, there was no plan offered to solve the issue.

Instead, I was told that William Ryan had no idea when these parts would be in, as they were held up by customs, and no fixes were offered to allow us full use of our home. My husband called Mike, the Supervisor, and was told that Mike knew about these issues for the last two weeks, but waited until the last minute to communicate these issues with us. A lack of planning and commitment to high quality on Mike's part does not constitute living in a 90% completed $300k home on ours. We had family flying in, including our elderly parents next week, and this was unacceptable.

We also have two large dogs who will not allow entry to our home without us present. We would have had to either take more time off work or board our dogs at a cost of $75 per day. December 2016 December 15th, 2016 was the day we had been looking forward to for months. We arrived to do our final walkthrough with Mike and our realtor.

When we arrived, the house was filthy with construction materials and debris, including a layer of drywall dust and dirt. The 3 medicine cabinet holes were wide open, showing exposed drywall and 2x4’s. The glass for our master shower was not there, and all towel bars and toilet paper holders were gone. How no one thought to go to Home Depot to purchase 90% of these items was beyond me.

There seemed to be no proactivity or common sense held by anyone within William Ryan. When Mike arrived, he told us we would not be getting the keys because sent the above details to the Vice President of William Ryan and they decided to not allow us entry to the house. We had already booked a mover and taken time off work. Our lease on our apartment was up in just a few days.

We lost our tempers. How dare you blame us for not getting access to our home? Mike blamed our mortgage broker, who was the “preferred” broker for William Ryan for canceling the final appraisal, which the broker was legally required to do because the house was “incomplete”. Mike essentially blamed everyone but William Ryan.

Our realtor, who was also the preferred realtor for William Ryan saved the day. He got the appraiser on the phone and asked him what the holdup was. The appraiser stated that there was a small section of tile flooring that wasn’t done two days prior and he just needed to know that was done- the issue for him had never been the glass or the towel bars- it was the *** flooring. Keith asked if he could send the appraiser pictures so we could get the certificate of occupancy.

Why this was never done by Mike, we will never know. Because of Keith and his ability to problem solve and proactivity, we could get the kays to our home that day. During the walkthrough with Mike, we pointed out several issues for him to put on the paperwork to get fixed, none of which he bothered to write down, and many of which as of March 17th, 2017, have been fixed. These included: • Broken cement barrier between our property and the side landscaping- Mike said the HOA was fixing it.

• Center light on the garage has a gap in the stucco- can allow bugs into the attic. • The water box on the side of the house is in the way of a proposed sidewalk to the backyard. Mike assured us he would get it moved. (1:25-1:27) • Missing screens for the windows (took a week to get them all installed) • The cleanliness of the home (had to hire our own crew and front the cash, took over a month to get reimbursed) • The door sweep for the door leading to the garage (took over 2 months to get replaced- higher electric bills then expected due to a loss of heat) By the end of the conversation with Mike, we were so distraught and angry, that my husband just signed the paperwork saying there was no issues to get Mike out of the house.

Mind you, almost 85% of this conversation was recorded. The next day, we began the task of unpacking. Ben came through with the cabinetry guy to work on fixing some issues. The cabinetry guy was livid with Ben, stating that the quality control checks were never given to his company so fixes could be made before we took ownership.

He believed that this made his company, and him as a tradesman, look unprofessional and incompetent. He later found that approximately 25% of our cabinets had severe dings, were warped, broken, etc. We have yet to have them all replaced 3 months later. That Saturday we had our inspector come to with a fine-tooth comb.

He found several areas that were not to code including plastic around lights in the attic (fire hazard), an improperly grounded light on the pool, several paint issues on the stucco (yet to be fixed). It took us over a week to get the house professionally cleaned because William Ryan’s crew could not come at a time that would work with our schedules. We could not *** any more time being so close to the holidays, so we were “allowed” to hire our own crew because they could match our schedule. Because the crew could not take credit cards, I had to front the money in the form of a check, which Mike told me I would be promptly reimbursed.

It took me over a month of texting, calling and emailing to get the check from William Ryan. January 2017 During the two-week winter break, our heat suddenly stopped working. It took us 3 days to get the subcontractor to come out and fix a connection that was bumped when they had the final walk through back in December. Having no heat while family was here for two days was ridiculous.

They had no emergency number and when called several times, they did not return our call until after the holidays. On January 4th, Ben stopped by to pick up another list of issues that he hadn’t completed back at move in. It included: • the still damaged/warped cabinets • a window that was difficult to close (they left a part in the window) • the garage door that still did not have a sweep to keep our heat in (the guy did not fix). Apparently it was missing some grooves in the bottom to hold the sweep.

He also did not fix the door in the garage that lead to the back yard that was dented and kept hitting a cement bumper on the floor. • the plumber to fix a drywall hole around the pipe in the half bath (still not done), a rust spot in the guest bath tub, and a clogged drain in the same tub January 16th, Ben came out with several trades to fix some of the items on the list he received January 4th. Again, I had to give up an entire day off to sit and wait for them to show up. It was a full 8 hour day.

January 25th, Ben came out with the door sweep to put it in before I went to work after he asked me to wait two weeks to install it. After it was installed, our electricity bill went down over 20%. February 2017 We submitted our list of issues for the 60-day warranty on 2/14/17. The glass guy came on 2/20, another day I had off but had to sacrifice to get my house fixed.

He was scheduled to show up at 8am, yet didn’t arrive until after 11am. Apparently, he went to the wrong house and as he didn’t have my phone number or the exact address, just the lot number, he left. I had to play phone tag with Ernie and wait around for several hours to try and get a gouge buffed out of the glass. Ernie ended up stopping by while the glass guy was there to look at a few of the issues on the list.

That was when he saw the dent on the vent hood. Pur landscaping sent two guys over to fix the irrigation box that was loose on the wall and look at where to move the water box in the ground. They both agreed it was not in a good place as a sidewalk could not be installed without moving the box of having it be crooked. However, when they called their manager to move , he said absolutely no to moving it as “that is where they put all of them”.

I have provided Ernie with two photos of other houses in our neighborhood that have their box far enough out of the way, but he said that was not enough. March 2017 I worked with Ernie to schedule out all of the subcontractors to come during my Spring break to avoid being out of work. Due to a lack of communication between Ben and Ernie, the days to get our 60 day warranty work started off as a three-day ordeal. I was able to get it down to two days- the 16th and 17th.

On the 16th, the trim guy, who was apparently the hardest trade to get scheduled, showed up two hours after our window. He did not call and when I reached out to Ernie, he said, “Oh I tried to call him. I couldn’t get ahold of him. He must be running late”.

There is no excuse for having hours of my time wasted sitting around waiting. The trim guy replaced a wood piece in the pantry that was cracking, but did not paint it (apparently my job). He also re-nailed a piece of corner floorboard molding that had been hit with the vacuum and split right off the wall. His fix was to put two nails into it, put some silicone around it and in the nail holes, and call it a day.

He did not attempt to repaint it and it looks like it was a shoddy repair job compared to the other corners. The roofer came to check the ventilation for the dryer, as our brand new dryer had been giving us a D80 code, meaning that the exhaust was 80% blocked. He found a metal grate on the pipe and it had some Schmutz on it. Being that I did not want the ventilation to hold Schmutz and block the exhaust for my dryer, I told him to remove it.

My husband later pointed out that that grate was probably there to keep critters from calling into the warm hole and into our house. Now I fear a mouse crawling in and dying in my dryer vent. The electrician who came to fix the gap in the light on the garage, yes the one we mentioned back in December, and said it was the stucco guy’s problem as the light was level. Lovely.

He also pointed out that the light on the back corner of our house was out of code as it was over the pool. Mind you, we never wanted the light there to begin with- we wanted it on the side run for the dogs but Mike told us he had to move it to avoid HOA fees. The light is broken and he needed to order a new light completely. No word when that will be fixed.

Ben came with another William Ryan employee to replace our dented vent hood over the stove. They took down the old one and went to put up the new one, only to realize the new hood was 6 inches too big. They put the old hood back up and told me they would have to reschedule another day to come back and fix the hood. We have reached out to Dawn in the main William Ryan office several times regarding Pur landscaping moving our box.

After 9 days, we still have not heard back from her other then, “she will look into it”. She has not yet answered us back in over 3 weeks. On the 17th, the paint guys came to fix some of the issues on the walls. He asked why the drywall issues had not been fixed prior to this.

I wondered the same thing. This means I must give up another day to wait for trades to come back again. Ernie has yet to come up with a day to have the drywaller come out and fix the holes in the walls around the plumbing, we do not have any of the lights on the exterior of the house fixed, there has been absolutely no effort on the part of William Ryan. Conclusion: If ever asked about the service with William Ryan, we would have mixed responses.

While some of the issues, which never should have been made in the first place, were fixed, the lack of planning and communication has been inexcusable. The fact that they would ask customers less than 24 hours prior to their ownership of the home to accept an incomplete home is bewildering and disappointing. The fact that we would be contacted about a problem with absolutely no solutions or plans to solve is indefensible. The fact that they would deny us the right to have a private inspector check the house throughout the build process is shady and worrisome.

The fact that the Vice President of William Ryan, who has been emailed regarding several of these issues has never once graced us with his voice and apology shows that the customer is not respected or valued. The fact that I have now given up 30 hours of my time waiting on trades and having to have them keep coming back because they cannot fix the issue right the first time is disrespectful and tiring. It is like being kept in an abusive relationship no matter how hard you try to get away- William Ryan keeps finding reasons to come back and waste our lives. At this point, we are reaching out to our attorney again, as we had back in December.

If William Ryan wishes to contact us, they must now contact my husband. They know his number. I am done being understanding and professional. I am done wasting hours of my life and precious time off.

I am done giving up activities with friends because I have to sit around and wait for trades to look at something and say, “whoops not my problem!” or “Oh, gonna have to order it”. My advice to anyone looking at William Ryan is to run. Save your quarter of a million dollars and build with someone else.

The heartache, stress, frustration, and carelessness is not worth it. This was supposed to be the home we retire in and we wonder if it will even last that long.

Review about: William Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Layout of home.

I didn't like: Quality, Customer service, Proactivity, Failure to follow through.

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The models were nice. typical of construction management to ignore. Best thing to do is withhold 10% of the payment until issues solved.Dave


My husband and I purchased our house with WRH in 2010 we had and still have issues that just keep getting ignored. After four years of going back and forth with them concerning our windows that constantly blew air through them we finally got them replaced, we have had our drywall where our walls and ceiling meets repaired twice due to separation and yet it continues to happen.

I have had countless issues with my attic only to find today that it had frozen so much up there that it is now leaking through meh heat vents and looking up in the attic it looks like it's raining, I will be speaking to them on Monday.

The list is endless. For anyone reading these reviews trust me do not build with WRH the turnover of staff is high and the workmanship is terrible.


I wished I had done more research on William Ryan, they truly are a apathetic, poor quality builder, I am not looking forward to my Pre-Orientation

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