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Just closed on a new home, and have been in it one week. Quality of workmanship throughout appears as though the builder used labor from the local elementary school shop class.

Paint, sealants, doors, trim and bathrooms look to be the work of teenage boys. Looks like someone was playing with a nail gun in the garage where a phalanx of nails was discharged into a stud. Main door binds so bad that Herculean finger strength was required to set the deadbolt. Notified WRH of this with no response other than Kara saying someone would contact me within 24 hours.

No one did. Wound up fixing it myself 5 days later. 10 minutes after I was done, the superintendent called me. Too late.

It needed to be fixed before I went on a business trip and left my wife home alone. I feel compelled to call out Kara Churak. She sent me a 21 day closing letter specifically stating that funds must be in the form of a cashier's check (no mention of wire). Knowing that, I waited until the day before closing (EOM...wanted interest credited) to visit my bank and draft a 263k check for the balance owed.

My attorney was all over that and said that I needed to do a wire. So I did....and so the bank screwed it up....and so closing was delayed several hours. (Been with that bank almost 40 years and am still considering changing institutions). If I had known that a wire transfer was necessary, I would have done it earlier than one day prior to closing anticipating just a snafu.

It took escalating things to near argument level with Kara to convince her that her 21 day letter should be amended to say funds over 50k need to be wired. Only thing she said was that she was sorry I was "confused." Perhaps my atty should have been a bit more on top of things, but I have never paid 263k cash for a home before, so I was simply following the instructions Kara sent me. Very poor treatment after having just spent a bundle of money. Closing costs also misrepresented by salesperson.

Probably did not accurately know, but should have said that in the first place. All in all, a very stressful experience, and quite dissappointed so far.

Not much confidence that any one cares enough (or has the ability, for that matter) to make things right. More to come, we'll see.

Review about: William Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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